It goes without saying that parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding gifts we have as humans. Even in the most stable and loving homes, there are times when parents or caregivers need some help in overcoming a challenging situation and develop strategies to work through conflict. Complicate the situation with life occurrences such as divorce, relocations, or the death of a loved one, the realization should be that it is perfectly normal to need some help from time to time. In my practice, I provide both group and individual sessions to help parents understand:

  • The cause of a child’s mood and behavior
  • How to deescalate stress in the home
  • Improving communication with a child or adolescent

The end goal is to create a treatment plan that helps parents and their children develop a home environment focused on love, respect and open/honest communication.

To learn more about my Parenting sessions, please drop me a line using the Information Request Form on the Contact Page.

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