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Rosario P.G. Montgomery Ph.D.

Rosario P.G. Montgomery Ph.D.

Rosie is a licensed clinical psychologist with an extensive background in neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Montgomery completed her doctorate at the University of Houston followed by a one-year internship at the Olin E. Teague Veteran’s Center and a one-year Child Psychology Fellowship at Baylor Scott and White.

Dr. Montgomery has more than 20 years of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders, learning differences, ADHD, and childhood depression & anxiety; helping them to develop strategies to navigate the social and academic world. She is a co-founder and the school psychologist of Temple’s TAMRA Learning Academy where she provides psychological testing/development of student educational plans and teaches social learning.

Wendy Davis

Wendy is the office manager for Dr. Montgomery’s practice and also serves as the Registrar for TAMRA Learning Academy. She earned her Associates of Art from McLennan Community College. Prior to joining Dr. Montgomery’s practice, she served as Office Manager for several behavioral health therapists in the Waco area. For years she has volunteered as a support group leader and assists in leading a class at Gatesville prison. Wendy lives in Waco, where she enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and serving in her church and worshiping God.

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